Connecticut model rocket club.  Model rocket launch in New York. 


May 14th Launch        cancelled

Due to weather . With storm fronts moving through area, today and tomorrow

also with the distances some have to travel, for what might only be 1/2 day launch,

decision was made to cancel.

Launch has been rescheduled for 5/21


   May 21st         Launch is a go

There may or may not be showers in the afternoon. We will launch as long as we can if that is the case.

  June 11th         Cancelled due to rain

Weather outlook:      Sunny   temp around 70      SW winds 6 to 10 mph

They lied , rain moved in early am


Aug 13th      Cancelled

Mother nature dealing another blow. Conditions are going to be too iffy. Storms are moving through area now, more expected tomorrow morning

Anyrain,  even for a short time , will make access road difficult if not impossible to negotiate.

 Looking to reschedule for 8/20. E-mail  mailto:pshooter26@hvc.rr.com .


Next launch date 10/08


Sunday 10/9 launch has been cancelled






There is a new rocketry forum

 The Rocketry Spot

Feel free to register & join. There is a thread started on upcoming launch

Information will be posted there, please post if planning on attending













CTRA-NARCONN's annual membership meeting was held on January 9th, 2016,  After much discussion, the following actions were taken for this flying year:

* The roster of officers was ratified.  Pete Shultis remains the club President,  and Gary Schwartz will once again be the Club Prefect.  This was voted on and passed unanimously.

* Launch events are set for the second Saturday of each month, weather permitting.  Should there be a rain delay, the launch will be held on Sunday.

* The CTRA Annual "Rocket Festival" (previously known as the invitational) is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of October 8th & 9th . There supposedly will be no corn planted this year so flyers will have an easier time with recovery of their projects.  Watch our website for further information.

*  Membership rates will stay as they have been for the last few years (see "Become a member"), as does the daily launch fee of $10 (waived for Golden Ticket members.)

We're very enthusiastic about building the club membership.  Flyers and hand-outs are being considered, and of course your spreading the word to friends and family is encouraged.

We look forward to seeing you at our Cobleskill launch site.  We anticipate many new and interesting projects to show up this year, and are excited to start the flying season!

Invitational 2013.jpg