Connecticut model rocket club.  Model rocket launch in New York. 




                         Sept 20 & 21


We will be flying under Tripoli Research Rules. To fly EX, you must be level 2 and a Tripoli member.

NAR and Tripoli members are welcome to fly commercial motors up to their certification level.

Per the TRA Research rules, people under 18 years old not permitted on high power range (except for certification with mentor).



The big event is close at hand, the launch our entire club has been waiting for all year. On September 20 – 21, 2014, (rain date October 3 -4), CTRA-NARCONN will host our annual "Invitational Launch." All flyers from all clubs at all levels are welcome to come to Cobleskill and experience the fun, excitement and camaraderie generated by this event. With plenty of low, mid and high-power pads, as well as a dedicated "away" cell and brand new electronic launch equipment, we offer our hospitality and support to anyone and everyone who wishes to attend. Whether spectator or active participant, we guarantee you an exciting and very special event.

We’re very excited to be back flying at Cobleskill, where so many of us entered the world of hobby rocketry. Many of us launched our Level 1 and Level 2 projects on this field. With plenty of recovery area, rolling hills and incredibly scenic backgrounds, it’s a pleasure to be back at the Cobleskill Field on John Adam’s farm.

The club would like to pay a very special "Thank You" to one member who has been particularly instrumental in our return to this iconic field. He’s the one who coordinated the move and re-location of our sea-tainer, he’s there mowing the fields before our launches, and he keeps us updated on field conditions among other things. Without his hard work and diligence, we’d be hard pressed to be anywhere near ready for this event. Michael Crupe, Thank you!!! Your tireless work in the background and your incredible dedication to our club has not gone unnoticed and we want everyone, especially you, to know how thankful we are for all your efforts. We are grateful beyond words for all the hard work you’ve given our club.

So come fly with us at Cobleskill, or just come to watch. Flyer fees are $10.00 for the weekend if you are a CTRA member, $25 if not. Members with a "golden ticket" fly free. There’s no charge for spectators. And when you see Michael, give him a nod of appreciation. He’s done more than enough to deserve it!

Invitational 2013.jpg

CTRA-NARCONN was started back in 1989 by three members from Bridgeport Connecticut and today we have members from more than 3 states.  CTRA-NARCONN is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of both Model and Hobby Rocketry. We encourage the promotion, advancement, and participation in rocketry on all levels.  From beginners  launching their first low power consumer models powered by black powder motors, to enthusiasts launching large, complex rockets standing ten feet tall or more and powered by motors up to and including “L” motors (up to 5,120 Newton-Seconds of thrust), CTRA-NARCONN  enthusiastically supports the rocketry community.